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Ruth tells about her love of drawing:

I have had many occupations in my 86 years. I remember my first drawing lesson as a child in Vienna. We were told to draw the family. I was not pleased with my drawing. I wished so much to do better. I was 6 years old then.
During the 2nd World War I was a machinist at an air force factory in England, got married, had 2 children and was making buttonholes on high class blouses 8 hours a day.
Then I studied and became a teacher for pattern drafting, dressmaking and embroidery, as well as teaching at evening classes. This I did for 14 years.
After coming to Israel in1957, I was teaching for 3 years Dressmaking and for 17 years, after a short course, worked in the electronic factory of our Kibutz.
Then my husband died after a long and difficult illness and I did what I always dreamed about. I went to learn drawing and painting. That was 11 years ago. I have my own studio now, I paint in oil and have had 3 exhibitions and took part in 2 others, together with many artists.
I have never painted before, but always, always, when out in nature I have always thought to myself, one day I shall paint this or that and although my memory is very bad now, I remember what I wanted to paint then.
Last year I went back to learn to paint in watercolor and I am the oldest pupil, I love it.


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